How to Build a Monster Truck

The term monster truck is used for trucks that have large suspensions and tires. It takes time and money to build a monster truck, owing to their size and components. The following will show you some of the stuff required to make one.

Required Tools and Materials

Working space (garage)
Engine and transmission
Power train parts
Wheels and tires
Truck body

Step 1

Get a suitable truck body. The ideal one is a 4WD. You can also use a small truck, but it may have a hard time installing a large engine. It is best to get a truck with an engine and transmission. The reason is some parts will be reused.

Step 2

When you have the truck, you can start replacing the parts. Begin the upgrade with the rear and front suspension. The rear and the steering wheels have to be changed to suit more rugged conditions.

Lower the gear ratio, as this is needed when you build a monster truck. Change the front and rear differentials so the gear ratios are similar. This is necessary to avoid component damage.

Step 3

Raise the suspension three to eight feet higher than the factor default. This increases the differentials distance, so bigger driveshafts are required too. After the steering and suspension have been upgraded, you can get the tires. You can purchase monster truck wheels and tires in many stores including online.

Step 4

The engine has to be replaced by a supercharged engine. Supercharged engines have unique components. They have larger oil pans, lower compression pistons and special camshafts. There are different types of supercharged engines, but the rule of thumb is the more powerful, the better. A powerful engine is needed to drive the large tires.

Step 5

Install a safety cage or roll bars in the driver’s compartment. Other safety components include an emergency fuel cutoff and a 5 point harness.

Almost all monster trucks have an automatic fuel cutoff feature. In the event of a rollover, the fuel will be cut off. Other essential components are helmets for the passengers and the driver.

Tips and Warnings

Check the components and parts before you start using it. Ensure the safety gears are working before using it. Keep in mind to those competitions may require specific monster truck setups.

It should be stated that learning to build a monster truck costs a lot of money. You must also have extensive building experience. If you are going to make one, be prepared to spend a lot of time testing the machine.

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