How to Build a Mini Ramp

How to Build a Mini Ramp

A mini ramp is not particularly difficult to build. However, you need to use specific processes so the outcome will be acceptable. You can use the proceeding instructions to build a mini ramp.

Required Tools and Materials

3/8-inch plywood
Wood screws
Pencil and paper
Paint (optional)

Step 1

Start by making a sketch of the mini skateboard ramp. Decide on the size of the mini ramp. Majority of them are just over 2 feet high and 8 feet wide.

Step 2

Start by building the sides. Put a 3/4-inch plywood on a level surface. Create a line all the way to the right hand side. Measure up to the highest point of the ramp. This is typically around 24 inches.

Step 3

Continue to build a mini ramp by making another straight line. Set the line on the left to the plywood’s middle, about 2 feet. This will be the deck.

Step 4

Make a line along the mini ramp’s bottom. This should be about 5 feet.

Step 5

Join the deck’s top on the endpoint at the bottom. The line should be curved. You can use a half circle to make the curve accurate. The measurements can vary, but many make it about 24 to 28 inches.

Step 6

Now it is time to cut on the lines. Use a skil-saw so the curves do not become raged.

Step 7

Repeat these steps for the other plywood on the other side.

Step 8

Use the 2 x 4s to join the two sides. Ensure there are intervals. These will be necessary to support the structure.

Step 9

For the actual mini ramp, use one 3/8-inch plywood sheet. Bend the sheet so it fits onto the curve. Sand the edges to remove any unnecessary roughness. Paint it if you like.

Tips and Warnings

You can also download some mini ramp plans off the Net. You can use these as templates for your own ramp design. Aside from skateboarding, you can use the ramp for bicycle stunts and in-line skating.

Drawing up the plan is critical. Ask someone to help you draw the mini ramp if necessary. Again, templates can be very helpful here. Wear gloves and eye goggles when cutting the plywood.

You must also be careful when using power tools like the drill. Never use lead-based paint. Paint only in well ventilated areas.

If you have never tried to build a mini ramp before, it may seem confusing. However you can avoid confusion by working in a clear workplace.