How to Build a Loft Bed

The loft bed is often used in dorms, but that shouldn’t stop you from making one in your home. To start learning how to build a loft bed, you need to prepare the materials listed below.

Required Tools and Materials

2 6 inch bolts
Stud finder
Wood screws
3 1x6s, 8 feet long
7 2x4s, 8 feet long
A helper

Step 1

Decide where you want the bed to be. For a corner loft bed, it has to be eight feet clear in one direction and at least four feet in the other direction. You have to locate three studs for each wall to fasten the bed to. Mark the location of the studs.

Step 2

Decide how tall the bed will be, then make a line all around the corner at that height. Be certain the line is straight.

Step 3

It is time to create the bed. To know how to build a loft bed, you must know your mattress dimensions. Get the mattress and take its measurements. Make a frame based on the figures you get. Cut the frame parts out of the 2 x 2s. Join them at the corners with wood screws. You will end up with a wood box frame.

Step 4

Slice off some triangles from the 1 x 6s. Fasten these to the undersides. These will fortify the corners. Put the 1 x 6s at the bed underside. This will secure the mattress.

Step 5

To make the ladder, measure a couple of legs with the height of the bed. However, you should deduct 4 ½ inches off one side and 3 ¾ inches off the other. Set one on the 1 x 6 strut. Fasten the other on the frame of the bed.

Make the ladder rungs from the 2 x 4s. Secure these to the ladder struts. The simplest way is with vertical rungs on one of the strut sides.

Step 6

Fasten the bed on the wall. Fix the frame to the studs. Get your assistant to help you here.

Step 7

Position the ladder and fasten it in place. Set the ladder on the corner. Put the shorter end below the 1 x 6 strut.

The final step to learning how to build a loft bed is to get on the bed. Drill 2 holes in the frame. Place a couple of 6 inch bolts in these holes. This will secure the ladder on the bed. Your partner should keep the bed steady when you are drilling the holes.

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