How to Build a Kicker

If you are lucky, you will find a kicker (jump) in the snow. But if the run-up or landing is not up to par, it is not a problem. It is very easy to learn how to build a kicker.

Required Tools and Materials

Telemark skis
Snow shovels
Ski clothing
Downhill skis

Step 1

First of all, make sure that the ski resort / location allows it. There are some resorts that forbid making kickers. Reasons vary, but often it is due to liability and insurance issues. If the resort agrees, there is no problem. If not, look somewhere else.

Step 2

Once you find a hill, you can think about making the kicker. Carry a snow shovel with you. It is not always necessary, but you may have to move a lot of snow.

Step 3

Before you learn how to build a kicker, examine the hill. Select a spot with a downhill landing. Avoid flat landings. These are hard on the spine, knees and ankles. When you find a suitable area, stack the snow up. Make sure you heap up a large amount of snow.

Step 4

Make sure you pack up the snow. This is necessary when the pile gets bigger. When setting things up, make sure the run up heading to the jump has no sudden changes. Make it smooth.

Step 5

To make the block of snow appear, trim the snow off the sides and back. If you set it up right, the kicker ought to resemble a triangle or wedge. Use skis, snowboards or shovels to pack up the jump.

Step 6

Step back and take a look at the kicker. If everything is all right, you can use it.

Tips and Warnings

It sounds easy to make a kicker, but it takes some effort and time to set one up properly. It is easy to pile snow up to make the kicker. However, it will not last long and even appear unsightly. Be willing to spend some time making one. It will be worth it and be stronger.

Skiing is an enjoyable experience. But it will demand a lot out of you physically. If you are not fit, you could end up getting injured.

Anyone can learn how to build a kicker, but as stated above, making a good one requires some patience. If you don’t know how to construct one, get someone to help you. Eventually, you will learn to make kickers on your own.

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