How to Build a Gun

It is very easy to make a water gun and the parts are very easy to find. If you want to know how to build a gun that shoots water, here’s how it is done.

Required Tools and Materials

Nuts and bolts
1-inch schedule 40 PVC
Cutting tool
One half-inch schedule 40 PVC
One half-inch CPVC
One half-inch unthreaded schedule 40
(3) One half-inch wooden or aluminum dowel
One half-inch ID five eighth inch OD O-rings
PVC end cap

Step 1

Get the one half-inch CPVC pipe and cut a couple of one fourth inch pieces from it.

Step 2

Get the one half-inch dowel and cut 15 one half inches from it.

Step 3

Get the 1-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe and cut 4 one half inches from it.

Step 4

Get the CPVC and cut a couple of pieces from its side. Use the scissors.

Step 5

Put the CPVC pieces on the dowel’s end. When studying how to build a gun, leave one fourth inch space between it.

Step 6

Set the dowel in clamps. Apply epoxy to hold the pieces together. Allow it to dry.

Step 7

Now you have to drill a one half inch hole on the 40 PVC end cap.

Step 8

When the PVC parts have dried, sand the now-joined pieces. Keep sanding the pieces until it can fit in the half inch pipe.

Step 9

The next step is to install the o-rings. Place the rings on the PVC that was glued on the dowel.

Step 10

Drill a couple of holes at the dowel’s end. One hole has to be an inch from the end. At the other end has to be a hole one and a half inches away from the hole that was drilled.

Step 11

Make a couple more holes in the 1 inch PVC pipe. Put one an inch from the end. The other should be one and one half inches at the other end. Use the one inch PVC to create a handle. Connect it with a handle with some nuts, bolts and washers.

Step 12

Place the pump rod into the shaft. Immerse it in water. Pull the pump rod. This will fill the gun. Now you just have to aim the gun. Push in the pump rod. This will shoot the water out of the end cap.

If you are studying how to build a gun, it is best if you mark the PVC pipes. This way you will not get confused when assembling the gun.

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