How to Build a Gun Cabinet

How to Build a Gun Cabinet

You will need to build a gun cabinet to keep your firearms safe and secure. The following gun cabinet measures 4 x 5 feet.

Tools and Materials

2 handles
Four 4" hinges
5/8" wood screws
1-1/2" wood screws
Wood stain or paint
Circular saw
Measuring tape
Smooth finish plywood
3 plywood sheets, 4 foot by 8 foot 3/4"

Step 1

Saw a plywood sheet so it is 4 x 5 ft. This will be the gun cabinet’s back.

Step 2

Saw a couple of 1 x 4 ft pieces from another sheet of plywood. These will make up the cabinet bottom and top.

Step 3

Saw a couple of pieces so they measure 1 x 4 ft 10 ¾ inches. These will make up the cabinet sides. Saw a couple of plywood sheets measuring 1 foot 11 ¾ inches by 4 foot 11 ½ inches. These are the cabinet doors.

Step 4

Cut out some vertical dividers if you want. It should measure 1 foot by 4 foot, 10 ¾ inches long.

Step 5

Gather all the wood pieces and sand them before you build a gun cabinet. Paint or stain them.

Step 6

Put the bottom and top parts at a four foot edge. They should be 5 feet apart and parallel to one another. Make a rectangle by putting a couple of side pieces in-between them. Screw the frames together at the bottom and top sides.

Step 7

Set the 4 x 5 back wood board piece on the frame. Screw it every 6 inches by the frame edges.

Step 8

Stand up the cabinet. Put in any dividers you may have created. Set these on the back parallel on the sides. Screw through the top and bottom.

Step 9

Secure a couple of hinges on a four foot 11 ½ in side at the door. Fasten half the hinges at the door. Set it six inches from the bottom and top.

Step 10

Secure the other hinges on the front door’s edges. Position the door top with the cabinet top. Make sure there is a half inch space under the door. The final step is to put in the handle on the door.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful when using tools like the saw, hammer and drill. Wear goggles to protect yourself.

After you build a gun cabinet, you can start putting your firearms in the container. Just like with any other gun storage system, make sure the unit is locked and secured if you are not using it.