How to Build a Grind Box

The grind box is box shaped like a rectangle. It is made for withstanding the wear and tear of rollerblades. It is very easy to learn how to build a grind box, as this guide will show.
Required Tools and Materials

Weather-resistant paint or wood stain

Electric sander or sandpaper
Electric drill
20 2 inch wood screws
Wood glue
Two 2 x 2 foot squares of the same wood
4 7 x 2 inch boards, cut from any ½ inch thick durable wood

Step 1

Get a strong, durable wood type. Be certain that it is half an inch thick minimum. Avoid using particle boards or plywood; they will not endure.

Step 2

Saw six pieces from the wood. Two of them should be 2 ft long x 2 ft wide. The other four pieces have to be 7 ft long x 2 ft wide.

Step 3

You should use wood glue to connect the 7 foot long wood boards. The first piece will be the box top. Glue the two boards to make the sides. Attach the bottom using the wood glue.

Step 4

Put in a couple of two inch wood screws to fortify the bond. Set the screws apart by a foot on the adjoining sides. Make sure the screws
are set in deeply when you build a grind box.

Step 5

Connect a couple of two foot wood pieces on the ends of the box. The process is the same as above.

Step 6

Get the sandpaper and smooth the sides that are exposed. The sanding process will be much quicker if you use an electric sander.

Step 7

Paint or stain the box. Choose any color you prefer. Add as many coatings as you like. But make sure that each coat has dried before you apply another one. The paint must also be weather resistant.

Tips and Warnings

Paint the box in a well ventilated place. Do not inhale the paint. If the smell is very strong, wear a face mask. You can also turn on a fan to reduce the smell.

Wear safety gear when you go skateboarding. This means putting on a helmet and pads for your knees and elbows. There are many skateboarding tricks you can do, but always start slow. Do not attempt the more advanced tricks until you have mastered the basics.

It shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to build a grind box. With enough practice, you can have several of these boxes ready quickly.

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