How to Build a Greenhouse

How to Build a Greenhouse

To build a greenhouse, you’ll need the following stuff. These are available in hardware stores.

Required Tools and Materials

2 ft long 3/8-inch rebar stakes (6 pieces)
½-inch flexible PVC or copper tubing (18 ft long)
Plastic sheeting
Row cover
Staple gun
6 ft long wood (1×1)
Binder clips

Step 1

Install the rebar stakes as support. Set a stake at each bed corner. Add two more in the bed’s center. They should be adjacent to each other. Hammer each stake into the ground (18 inches deep). This will produce a bed measuring 6 ft long by 3 ft wide. Note: you can make this on raised beds or in ground.

Step 2

To build a greenhouse, saw the copper tubing into three parts (each 6 feet long). To make the hoop, put the tubing’s end over one of the stakes. Arch the tubing above the bed. Put the tubing’s end on the stake on the other end. Repeat the process with the other tubing pieces.

Done correctly you’ll have three hoops. Note: the 6 ft copper tubing is good for a 2 ½ ft high arch when set on a 3 ft wide bed. For different hoop sizes, cut the tubing to the desired length.

Step 3

Now it’s time to put on the cover frame. For spring and fall, choose clear plastic. It will hold in solar energy and raise the temperature by 10 to 20 F. Those who build a greenhouse can also use row covers instead (Agribon or Turfbell). This raises the temperature by 3-10 F.

You can also put shade cloth on the frame during midsummer. This will prevent the plants from being burned. This is also recommended if you’re growing lettuce as they like cooler temperatures and weather.

Step 4

Put the plastic sheeting on the hoops. Add about 18 inches to your fabric measurements so the structure is fully covered. Replace the coverings in the manner suggested earlier.

Step 5

Staple the 1×1 on the sheeting to hold it in place. Use the 1×1 as a spool so you can roll the excess fabric over the structure. You might also want to add bricks or stones for additional weights. If you’re going to build a greenhouse in a windy place, use binder clips on the plastic. Use as many clips as needed.

Tips and Warnings

Inspect the plants regularly; if the temperature gets too hot they might dry up. Make sure you put in the right amount of plants; don’t stuff the greenhouse. Build new ones instead.

Some plants like cucumbers need pollination to yield fruits. In that case you should take off the cover so pollinators can gain access. If you don’t want to use copper tubing, use PVC pipe. Copper tubing is more ideal because it’s more flexible.

For many people, gardening has become a passionate and lifelong hobby. By knowing how to build a greenhouse, you’ll be able to oversee the plants’ growth more efficiently.