How to Build a Go Cart Frame

How to Build a Go Cart Frame

To build a go cart frame, you can use angle iron or steel tubing. Both methods will be covered here.

Required Tools and Materials

Tape measure
Chop saw
Steel tubing
Welding equipment
Pipe bender
Tube notcher
Angle iron
Filler Material

Note: the quantity will depend on the size of the go cart you’ll make.

Method 1: Create a Go Cart Frame Using Steel Tubing

Choose a workspace where you can lay down the equipment without any obstruction. Sit on the floor as if you’re in the go cart. Draw a chalk around your legs. The width you specify will be the one you’ll use to build a go cart frame.

On the average, 2/3 width of the wheelbase is chosen by drivers. The wider the wheelbase, the more stable the car. However, a narrow base can be easier to maneuver.

At this point you should jot down the dimensions of the cart. Refer to this as you begin to weld.

Shape the Metal Tubing

Wear your protective gear and start welding the tubing. For round to round tubing, utilize the notcher. Begin welding along the leg area. To make adjustments on your welding, follow the instructions as provided for by your welding tool guide.

As you build a go cart frame, you’ll need to weld the round sections to the square parts. An alternative is to heat the rounded portion. After cooling it should be leveled by a hammer.

Adding a Roll Bar

The roll bar is installed at the front end of the cart. This is usually implemented via the round tubing. When welding is complete, you can add the seats. Position them 2 inches above the ground.

Method 2: Create a Go Cart Frame Using Angle Iron

The process is similar. Determine the seat and space dimensions you’re comfortable with. Write the figures down and draw a sketch. Use this to help you build a go cart frame. Cut the angle iron according to the dimensions you wrote down.

If the iron is hard to shape, heat them a bit. Use your welding tools to shape them accordingly. Start from the leg section and work from there. Always keep your drawing close at hand. If necessary, apply some filler material for the iron.

Tips and Warnings

Never use a welding tool without donning the appropriate gear. Do not get too close to the iron when heating it. A chop saw is ideal for cutting iron; if that’s not available, get a hacksaw. Note that welding and shaping iron requires skill handling the tools. Do not attempt to use a welding tool unless you know exactly how it’s used.

Take breaks. Creating a go cart frame from scratch is not easy and takes time. Work one section at a time, and always refer to your notes. An error in the measurement could derail the whole project.
Planning is very important when you build a go cart frame. You should spend some time going over the design so you can shape the tubing / iron appropriately.