How to Build a Go Cart

Go Carts can be quite expensive, so why not make one? Before you start building a Go Cart, you’ll need to get these materials.

Required Tools and Materials

Aluminum hub
Three plywood plates
Needle roller bearings
Brake disc
Drive sprocket
Three 12V 40 ampH batteries
100 amp 36 V reverse controller
2 36V 750 W DC PM motor
Go cart-style bucket seats
Metal or wood frame

Step 1

Wood or metal frame is all right, but make sure it is big enough for the batteries, seats and motor. For the steering mechanisms, use a lever arm and column setup. To join the lever to the front wheel, use connecting rods. The front wheels should be locked but can move +/- 40 degrees. Use 10 inch pneumatic wheels. The rims should be steel.

Step 2

Glue the chassis. You can also have it lumber screwed. Set the bucket seat on the chassis. Set the ground clearance at two inches. This is assuming the tires measure 10 inches.

Step 3

You are building a Go Cart that is electric, so you need to install the batteries and motor. Get the 100 amp 36 V reverse controller. Connect it to the break pedals and the speeder. Choose a couple of 36V 750 W DC PM motor.

This will generate fifty amps with a maximum of one hundred amps With 3 12V 40ampH, you’ll have 90 minutes of nonstop power. Make sure the batteries are fastened on the chassis.

Step 4

Set the brake disc and back axle drive sprocket on the hub. The hub is composed of the chain sprocket and the taper lock. Use needle roller bearings to support the axles. The bearings should be encased in timber chassis.

Step 5

To create the steering wheel, use an aluminum hub with half a dozen M5 threads. Connect 3 plywood plates onto the hub, one by one. Fasten the plates. Allow it time to dry. When the glue has dried, apply some varnish. Connect this to the steering column.

Tips and Warnings

If you have never ridden on a Go Cart before, spend some time practicing. Try not to go too fast when riding. No matter how fast or slow you are going always wear a helmet. You should also have elbow and knee pads in case you crash.

Building a Go Cart will be much faster if you have someone to help you out. But this is actually a task you can do on your own. But it will take longer.

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