How to Build a Forge

How to Build a Forge

If you like to smith, you will know that the forge is one of the most important tools of the trade. Knowing how to build a forge can make your job a lot simpler.

Required Tools and Materials

Electric blower
Wooden plug
Ventilation pipe

Step 1

Smoke and fumes will be produced, so it is best to make your forge outside. Make sure the place is well ventilated.

Step 2

Drill 25 holes at the metal pipe’s end. The holes should be a bit close together. This is necessary for the air to emerge from the pipe.

Step 3

Make a pit a tad wider and bigger than the forge dimensions. The pit should be hollow.

Step 4

Arrange a layer of bricks on the forge circumference. Make sure there is space on the rear for the ventilation pipe.

Step 5

Set the pipe in the space at the rear. The holes ought to face up and the drilled side in the insides of the forge. Center the holes.

Step 6

Prepare the mortar in the wheelbarrow. Put a half inch of mortar on the joining sides and top of the brick layers.

Step 7

Put on another layer of mortar and brick as you did before. To build a forge, keep adding brick layers until you get the height you want. Allow the mortar to dry overnight.

Step 8

Create a wooden plug for the pipe’s open end. This will be sitting in the forge. You can also thread the end and put a screw cap on it. This will help get rid of debris in the pipe.

Step 9

Prepare concrete in the container you utilized for the mortar. Put the ventilation pipe in position. Set the cement on the forge’s bottom. Do not let the cement get over the pipe.

Step 10

Take out the ventilation pipe after the cement starts to set. Make sure the pipe has no cement on it.

Step 11

Put the ventilation pipe back in after the cement dries. Put the blower motor on the pipe’s end which is not in the forge.

You can also put a grate over the pipe when you make the walls. If you build a forge and add this feature, you can use it to contain charcoal. It will also allow air to flow more freely. However, it is not actually necessary. If you will do this, do not use iron; use a steel grate instead.