How to Build a Flagstone Patio

It’s much easier to build a flagstone patio than other types that use concrete. Before buying the necessary materials, measure the area so you know how big the patio will be.

Required Tools and Materials

Rough sand
Watering hose
2 x 4 scrap of wood
Safety goggles
Rubber tubing
Flagstone pavers (2 inches thick)

Step 1

Pick a site that is level. Rake the soil until the surface is uniform. If there isn’t a flat area, dig a hole and pour concrete mix in it. Let it dry.

Step 2

Mark the patio area with the rubber tubing or a hose. For a circular patio, use a center marker and fasten a radial piece of string to it.

Step 3

To build a flagstone patio, dig up 3 inches of soil from the site. Flatten it with a level and the 2 x 4 wood. Now pour an inch of sand from the top edge. Keep raking until the surface is smooth.

If necessary, flatten the surface again with the 2 x 4 and the level. Turn on the hose and sprinkle water until the sand gets moist. Pack the sand in with a mallet or a hand tamper.

Step 4

Now it’s time to add the flagstone pavers. Bring the pavers to the site (if you haven’t already). When you build a flagstone patio, begin from the outside edges. Work your way from there until you get to the middle.

Start by adding the largest pieces first. When they are installed, add in the smaller pieces to cover up the gaps. Use the level to make sure all the pavers are even.

If all the pavers are the same shape, break some of the bigger ones into smaller pieces. Measure the size needed by the small gaps. Take some of the larger pieces and cut them according to the required dimensions. Just score the stone with the chisel.

Set the chisel on the scored surface and hit it with the mallet. Hit gently so the stone doesn’t completely shatter. Set them in place.

Step 5

After you build a flagstone patio’s outer layer, you can remove the rubber tubing or hose. Make sure you don’t break up the layer. Pour more sand over the flagstones. Get the broom. Sweep the sand into the paver cracks and crevices.

Hose the entire patio area. Look over the patio. If there are more cracks, fill it with more sand. Repeat as often as necessary.

Tips and Warnings

Buy a third more than the needed materials so you have some in reserve. When pouring in the sand, make sure they are below the large flagstone pieces. Put on eye goggles when cutting the stones with the chisel. Wear gloves when carrying the flagstone pavers and cutting the pieces. Take breaks if you are tired.

Trying to build a flagstone patio sounds more complicated than it actually is. Once you get started, you’ll be amazed at how quickly work proceeds.

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