How to Build a Fish Tank

By being able to build a fish tank, you’ll get the dimensions exactly how you want it. Make sure the following stuff is ready before you begin.

Required Tools and Materials

Several paper towels
5 pieces of glass (left, right, bottom, front and back)
Silicon sealant
Duct tape
Silicon carbide sandpaper
Felt tipped marker (washable)

Note: the glass varies greatly among manufacturers. The thicker ones cost more. However the thin ones are susceptible to bursting under water pressure.

Step 1

Put the glass pieces in front of you. Cut twenty 6 inch strips of duct tape. Stick the ends on the table for now. Take one glass piece with the inner portion facing you.

To build a fish tank, add some acetone on a paper towel. Apply it n the glass’ edge. You will be putting the sealant at the surface close to (not on), the outer edge.

Step 2

Put eight pieces duct tape below the tank. These need to be spread out evenly, with half the sticky side up.

Step 3

Clean the glass and let it dry. Note the side that will be the tank’s front. Put some sealant there. Put the front glass on top it. Ensure it is aligned correctly. Set the glass down firmly. Fasten the strips with your other hand. Do not remove any excess sealant.

Step 4

To build a fish tank’s sides, repeat the process. Put some sealant on the left or right side. Put some sealant on the point where the front and sides will meet. Put the side glass in place.

Again, set the glass down with one hand and flip the duct strips up with your other hand. Add more duct tape strips if necessary. You may cut some more strips right now. Repeat the process for the other sides.

Step 5

Put some silicon sealant across the inner edges. Add them along the bottom inner edges of the tank. Put some sealant along the four inside edges too. Smear the sealant along the joints.

This is necessary when you build a fish tank; it fortifies the structure and adds sealant to the spots that may not have enough. Allow the sealant to dry for 24 hours.

Step 6

Pour water into the fish tank. Leave the water there for 24 hours (don’t put anything else in it). Look for any leaks. If there is none, you can start putting in the fish.

Tips and Warnings

The silicon sandpaper is used for sanding the glass. Depending on the glass you bought though, this may or may be necessary. To avoid confusion, you should mark which are the inside / outside sections of the glass.

It’s a good idea to look at various fish tank glass manufacturers first; the price and quality differ greatly so look for the best buys possible. Again, thin glasses are not recommended.

After you build a fish tank, you can put it on display. No matter how sparsely decorated your place is, the fish tank will definitely stand out.

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