How to Build a Fence Gate

You can learn how to build a fence gate in many ways, with some methods more complex than others. If you know the fundamental carpentry techniques, you’ll be able to finish this gate in a day.

Required Tools and Materials

Paint or stain
Carpenter’s square
Stainless steel or 2 1/2-inch galvanized screws
Measuring device
Saw and miter box
1 inch thick boards / pickets for cladding
2 x 4s
Circular saw

Step 1

Get the dimensions of the opening where the gate will be set. A double gate should be hanged if the gates are over four feet wide. An extra half inch should be allowed for a double gate and ½ inch on either side for the gate. Under the gate, it should be four inches. The gate height can be the same as the wall you will project it from.

Step 2

Chop the wood using a circular saw. Make a rectangular frame from the 2 x 4s. Saw another wood board to make the diagonal brace. To cut the brace angles, use the miter box and miter saw.

Step 3

Put the wood boards you cut on the sawhorse or workbench. The longer side pieces should be butted below the horizontal top piece. Make a couple of pilot holes in the top piece’s end.

This should go through the upright parts. To build a fence gate, join the two pieces using the screws. It’s important that the two top corners are square. Use the carpenter’s square to be sure.

Step 4

Repeat the previous step for the gate’s bottom.

Step 5

Position the brace so the top part is nearest the gate latch side. Fasten the brace on the side parts. Do not forget to angle the screws close to the brace ends.

Step 6

Saw the pickets or boards. Stain or paint the pieces now. Allow the first coating to dry before applying a second one.

Step 7

Put the pickets together. Set them on the gate frame with the attractive side facing the outer fence. Expand the cladding below and above the frame as required.

Step 8

Pre-drill openings on the pickets. Join these on the frame. You must utilize at least four screws on each of the boards. Screw the hinges inside the gate. Set the hinges on the gateposts.

The final step to build a fence gate is to put the gate latch on. Screw the latch into place, and your wood fence gate is finished.

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