How to Build a Chimney

You can build a chimney for your home in numerous ways. The type of chimney you can put up depends on the house. These instructions are for making a chimney in brick houses.

Required Tools and Materials

Scrub brush
Garden hose
Old rags
Roof flashing
Chimney cap
Pastry bag
Clay chimney liner
Measuring tape

Step 1

Determine if you need to make a complete chimney or install only the top part. This will vary depending on the house configuration.

Step 2

Get a chimney liner that corresponds with the chimney length. Ensure that the opening on the inside measures 10 or 12 inches. The size is for safety reasons. This gives the fireplace sufficient room to distribute the heat without causing burns.

Step 3

Begin to build a chimney by connecting the fireplace to the liner. You’ll need to apply mortar to make the connection. Let it dry for 24 hours.

Step 4

Apply mortar on the bottom two feet of the linter. Start working on a couple of feet of chimney at a time. Put bricks all over the liner.

Step 5

Use the pastry bag to apply mortar between the layers of brick. Use the trowel to spread the mortar. Spread the mortar evenly. Use your fingers to smoothen the material. You can also use a damp rag here. This ensures the bricks will look uniform.

Step 6

Keep adding the bricks until you get to about 12 inches from the chimney liner top. Put mortar on the chimney cap so it sticks to the uppermost brick layer. Make sure the cap projects a couple of inches from the bricks. The cap will keep the water from going down the chimney.

Step 7

Let the mortar dry for 24 hours. Connect the chimney top to the roof. You will need to use roof flashing here. Use the mortar to join the flashing to the roof and chimney. Let the chimney dry for a couple of days.

Step 8

Clean the chimney using a garden hose. Get the scrub brush and brush the front bricks. This will eliminate some of the extra mortar on the chimney side.

Tips and Warnings

Wear old clothes as the work can get messy. Make sure you have plenty of damp rags for removing the extra mortar. Make certain too that you have enough mortar.

The directions to build a chimney outlined here are for bricks only. Different procedures will be used if you are going to build with other materials.

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