How to Build a Catapult

How to Build a Catapult

The catapult was used in ancient times as a weapon and it can still be used as such today. You can also use it as a type of slingshot. Here is a simple guide on how to build a catapult.

Required Tools and Materials

Y shaped piece of wood
Soft leather
Rubber bands (several large and small sizes)
Projectiles (pebbles, small rocks etc)

Step 1

Remove the bark off the wood.

Step 2

Sand off any sharp points or edges on the wood. Keep sanding until it becomes smooth.

Step 3

Let the wood dry. Chop a couple of large rubber bands. They should be elastic and have the same length. The bands will be the catapult’s sideband.

Step 4

Fasten an end of the sliced rubber band to one of the arms of the Y shaped wood. You will need to use the small rubber band here. When studying how to build a catapult, it is best to use several small rubber bands.

Step 5

Repeat this for the other side of the arms.

Step 6

Create a sling to put the projectile in. You can do this by cutting off a portion of the leather. Make sure the sling is at its widest near the center. The ends of the sling should taper to the ends.

Step 7

Get the other small rubber bands. Use them to link one of the sling’s ends onto the catapult’s bands. You may need to use numerous rubber bands here.

Step 8

Hook up the sling’s other end to the catapult’s other end. You should use small rubber bands.

Step 9

You are finished making the catapult; now it’s time to test it. Grab the handle of the catapult. Make sure to hold it in front of you. Put a pebble or small rock into the sling. Pull the string back as far you can. Aim at your target. Release and see the projectile fly off.


You can use surgical tubing in lieu of the rubber bands. Any type of elastic material can be used instead of rubber bands.


Use strong rubber bands. If they are brittle, it might snap off when you use the catapult. Never aim the slingshot at people or animals. Do not use the catapult inside your home because it might hit some furniture and other objects.

Once you know how to build a catapult, it will be very easy to make several of them. You just need to practice so your aim improves.