How to Build a Castle

Why live in a house when you can live in a castle? Building a castle is not a simple task, but modern heavy equipment will expedite the process.

Required Tools and Materials

Heavy equipment
Site workers
Digging tools
Castle design plans

Step 1

Determine where you want the castle built. The ideal place is one with a view of the countryside, the trees and mountains. But there is nothing wrong with putting it up in an urbanized area. However, the space may be more limited there.

Design the castle on the computer or on paper. Be specific about the features and the dimensions. This will be used as the guide when you start building.

Step 2

Get the paperwork done. The legal requirements will vary depending on where you live. There may also be some zoning regulation laws that have to be met.

Step 3

Rent the heavy equipment. You will also need construction workers and surveyors to examine the site. Show the engineers your castle design. Before you can start building a castle, changes in the design may have to be done. The weather and geographical layout will be the deciding factors.

Step 4

To make the castle genuine, dig a moat. The depth is up to you. The deeper it is, the more it will cost. Once the moat is dug, line up the sides with stone, hardened plastic or concrete.

Step 5

Set up the fortress foundation. You can use stone or concrete. You can also have an inner wall or courtyard built. If that is the case, set concrete and top it off with dirt. Or you can leave out the concrete and use dirt.

Step 6

Mark the areas where the stone walls will be set. Put mortar on the floor and set the stones on it. If the stones are large, heavy equipment will be needed. Arrange the stones in an overlapping manner so it is more stable.

Step 7

Add door openings, arrow slits and windows as you build the walls. For traditional windows, holes in the walls will be fine. But you can also use glass windows.

Step 8

Make the roof using the stone or wooden beams. Now all you have to do is add the flag.

Before building a castle, remember that electricity and plumbing did not exist during those days. If you want to have them installed, get a plumber and electrician. Do not attempt to install these unless you know the procedures.

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