How to Build a Carport

Before you build a carport, get all the necessary permits from the authorities. Avoid building in areas with sewer pipes and water lines.

Required Tools and Materials

Roofing screws, nails and bolts
Paint brush
Concrete mix
Joist hangers
Post level
Circular saw

Step 1

Use the string to determine the post positions. For free standing carports set the two posts 9 ft apart. If the carport is joined to the house, lay the posts on the side facing the wall.

Step 2

Dig the posts’ holes. Make each one a foot wide and a foot deep. Make it a tad bigger if you’re going to build a carport that’s free standing. Mix the cement and pour into the holes. Put a stirrup bracket in the concrete pad center. Add some scrap timber across the concrete. Let it dry.

Make a 2×6 notch (rebate) at the top of the posts for the bearers. Install the posts in the brackets. Drill a hole and fasten the post to the bracket. Cut the posts’ height for pitch for drainage.

Step 3

Cut the bearers to the needed length. Drill a couple of holes for bolting them to the notch. Two bolts will be sufficient for each post. For carports attached to the house, fasten it to the wall with masonry bolts or coach screws.

When you build a carport, use the joist hangers and nails for the rafters. Put rafters on every 3 ft. This may vary according to the building code in your area.

Step 4

Get your roofing material. Secure to the bearers and rafters. Fit the roofing screws with the rubber washers and fasten them tightly. Allow it to project a few inches for running off rain. Commence at the bottom slope. Connect them on every third hill. Do not tighten it too much. Overlap on at least one corrugation.

Step 5

Now you can add the finishing touches. After you build a carport, you can add some fascias. The fascia boards can be put in place using nails. Other additions you can put on are mitered corners. You can also add lattice on the sides.

If you want to control the run off, add drain and gutter. You can also paint the structure. Give it time to dry before you put in the car.

Tips and Warnings

A carport is a major project so get some assistance. You should determine the dimensions of the carport before you begin construction. Double check your measurements so mistakes can be avoided.

This project requires knowledge and skill in carpentry. Get professional help if necessary. Follow all the instructions for mixing the cement and using all the equipment.

Take frequent breaks; making a carport takes time. Having a blueprint of the plan is essential; it will help you focus more clearly. It will also help prevent you from making errors.

You’ll need to invest time and money if you want to build a carport. Make sure you study all the facts first.

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