How to Build a Carport

The time it takes to build a carport will vary depending on the size. However, the methods used for the construction is basically the same. This project is for a single carport.

Required Tools and Materials

Roofing material
Joist Hangers
Concrete Mix
Paint brush
Circular saw
Tape measure

Step 1

Check the building code regulations in your area. Make sure your carport will meet the specifications and safety regulations. Do not set the carport in an area where there are water lines, sewer or gas pipes.

Step 2

Use the string to lay out the carport. Check the diagonals to make sure the structure is square. Note the position of the posts. If you are going to build a carport connected to your house, set the posts on a side that faces a wall. If it is a freestanding carport, set the posts apart by 9 feet.

Step 3

Dig holes in the ground 12 inches deep and 12 inches wide. If it is a freestanding carport, make the holes a little bigger. Put the concrete in the hole.

Mix it if necessary. Place a stirrup bracket in the middle of the concrete pad. Make sure the bracket is uniform. Allow the concrete to dry.

Step 4

Make a 2 x 6 notch on the posts’ top. This is where the bearers will be placed. Place the post on the bracket. Use the level to make sure it is vertical. Fasten the post to the bracket using a carriage bolt. Spot the posts with the string. Trim it to the right height.

Step 5

Cut the bearers to length. Make holes to fasten the bolts on the rebates. Set in the rebates. Connect the bolts on the posts.

Step 6

Connect the rafters on the bearers’ top. Put a rafter on every three feet.

Step 7

Join the roof using the roofing material. Put them over the bearers and rafters. Use roofing screws with the washers. The overhang should extend several inches. Join this per third hill of the corrugation.

Make sure the overlap is by one corrugation at least. Add some fascias on the roof. You can also miter the corners to make the roof look more polished. The carport is now finished and ready for use.

After learning how to build a carport, you can now paint the structure. If you want, you can put lattice too. You can enhance the carport by adding a drain and gutter.

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