How to Build a Boat Dock

How to Build a Boat Dock

There’s no question that building a boat dock will take time, but it can be accomplished. The following info will show you how it is done. Note: you’ll need the help of at least one person for this job.

Required Tools and Materials

Pen and papers
Wood boards (4 x 4s and 2 x 6s)

Check for Permits and Papers

Consult with the local authorities first. It’s probably not necessary, but it won’t hurt to ask if a permit is needed to make such a structure. If permits are needed, secure and have the necessary papers approved.

Gauge the Water Depth

Before you start building a boat dock, assess the depth of the water. As a rule, the shallower the water is, the bigger the dock can be. You should also decide if the dock will be fixed or floating.

Consult the local authorities or other experts to get an accurate measure of the water’s depth. This will help you decide how much material will be needed.

The Lounge and Boarding Area

The lounge area is where people will be standing. The boarding area will be adjacent to it. Use the saw to cut the lounging and boarding areas into shape. Cut them to the thickness, height and depth you desire (the more people expected to use it, the thicker the boards will have to be).

Build the Dock Supports

Continue building a boat dock by making the supports. This is for the lounging and boarding areas you created. The longer the lounging and boarding areas are, the more supports are needed. The space between the supports should be 8 feet minimum.

Fasten the supports on the boards using the screws. Put the bumpers on after the boarding areas are built. The bumpers should be set on the edges.

Assembling the Boat Dock

With help from your friends, put the posts in the water (driving in the posts). Be certain the posts are aligned correctly. If you hadn’t fastened the boards to the supports, do it now. The eyebolts should be used to secure the structure.

Tips for Building a Boat Dock

The most important consideration is the safety of the people. You can add railings to the lounge so people will have something to hold on. Don’t scrimp on the supports; the more you put in, the safer it will be. If it helps, make a sketch drawing. The basic boat dock looks like a match box turned upside down.

You and your assistants should take all the necessary precautions when cutting and positioning the lumbers. You can use a drill and other power tools to accelerate the cutting process as well. Don’t forget about quality; the durability of the dock depends on this. Before using the dock, inspect it for any flaws, loose screws etc.

Building a boat dock requires knowledge of basic carpentry and lots of planning. As long as you stick to these basic steps, you’ll be able to make one.