How to Build a Bird Feeder

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on bird feeders. You can build a bird feeder using only the following supplies.

Required Tools and Materials

PVC pipe (3” x 12” x 1’ long)
Aluminum foil
Tuna can
Metal pie plate
Bird seed or sunflower seeds

Step 1

Wash the pipe first. Drill holes on the pipe’s opposing sides. The holes should measure 5/8”. Keep making these holes, spacing them out by 5 inches. Put a 5/8” dowel through two holes. Make sure a couple of inches will hang out. This will serve as the perches.

Step 2

Make holes a couple of inches over the dowels. Make 5/8” holes. This will be for the sunflower seeds.

Step 3

The next step to build a bird feeder is to drill two more holes 1 ½” above the feeder. The holes need to be on opposing sides. Put a wire through so a loop is made.

Step 4

Clog the pipe’s bottom with aluminum foil. You can also glue the pipe to a metal plate if you prefer. In fact you can use any container so long as it is able to hold in the seeds and close the bottom.

Step 5

Put sunflower or bird seeds in it. Use the tuna can as cover to prevent the seeds from being wet. Finally, you should put it close to shrubs. This will give your feathered friends more covering.

Making a Platform Feeder

Required Tools and Materials

Thin wood scraps
Wood (2 ft long x 10 inches wide)

Step 1

To build a bird feeder using these materials, start by sticking wood scraps on the 2 x 10 wood. Put the small wood pieces on the sides. This is to keep the seeds from slipping off.

Step 2

Get your drill and make holes in the wood. You just want water to go though so the spacing can be random. Do try to spread it out so water doesn’t accumulate.

Step 3

Put the structure on a post near trees. Put the bird seeds or sunflower seeds on it. Now you just have to wait for the birds to come.

Tips and Warnings

Those who build a bird feeder use different types of seeds to attract birds. The best choices are black oil sunflower seeds. These are the most nutritious and enjoyed by a lot of birds.

You can also use striped sunflower seeds. However they are not of the same quality. You can also use the mixed types. Other popular choices are cracked corn and nuts.

If you want to make fancy bird feeders, you should look at some of the stuff sold in stores. But remember that it is the seeds that matter. Birds won’t know -or care- if the feeder is worth $500 or made from wood scrap.

As you can tell, it’s very easy to build a bird feeder. Why should you go out and buy one when it’s possible to create it at little or no cost?

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