How to Build a Bike

Cyclists who are quite serious in their sport may have gotten the fever of learning how to build a bike on their own. This choice to explore and see how fun and also satisfying building one’s own bike involves some detailed processes and tips that one must take into account seriously.

What to remember?

Seek Help

Why get help first? It’s pretty obvious. With most do-it-yourself projects like learning how to build a bike needs knowledge and know-how. That’s why it’s important for you to ask bicycle dealers in local areas nearby to help give you a working knowledge on the task and show you the parts that you may need or want to have for this project.

Learn More about the Offers for the Right Frame

Valuable materials are needed. For the frame, you may want to have carbon fiber. Others may prefer titanium in making the frame of the bike. What’s the difference?

The former choice actually is lighter and gives you more choices on the designs. Titanium, on the other hand, is heavier and (typically) stiffer than the carbon fiber frame material.

Some shops offer you the frame material plus the parts. Others sell you only the frame. Shop around for this. And, before purchasing, be sure that you inspect the material.

Understand Where to Get a Build Kit

Next thing to get for this project is the build kit or the component parts if you weren’t to have those choices earlier at the shop of your choice. Some of the components that are highly reliable include the makers known as SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo. These are the manufacturers to look for. There are different products that they offer which can suit your budget needs. Basically, with these companies, you get essential parts as shifters for your bike, chain, crankset (includes the bottom bracket of the bicycle and the crank), brakes, and also dérailleurs.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Shopping for the Right Parts

Every part of the bike is important. These include the tires, saddles, pedals, handlebars, handlebar tape among others.

Selecting the right parts is also crucial in making your own bike. The parts that carry your bike do matter, and it is important that you take extra care in choosing them.

Proceed with the Installation Process with a Manual

First, you need to install the tires and tubes of your bike. Be sure to use a little amount of grease to make it easier. Apply some of that on the rear wheel. It would be best to have a do-it-yourself manual or brochure to help you as you go along with the installation process.

The next is to attach the seat and saddle. For this, you need a wrench. Adjust and secure it well on the frame. You can adjust the seat post if you like.

After you’re done with that, be sure to proceed with attaching the handle bar. This should be secured to the stem of the bike. The stem, on the other hand, should be placed to the steering tube which is attached to the fork. Once again, the manual would be very helpful to let you know where to put what. You can actually check where to put the other parts like the shifters, brakes, and other bike parts.

As mentioned, learning how to build a bike is learning how to follow a certain process, which can be easily described by a bike manual. When you have bought the necessary parts, relying on the manual can help you adjust the parts and secure them in the right places.

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