How to Build a Bar

How to Build a Bar

By knowing how to build a bar, you will be able to give the garden a refreshing new look. Before you start, make sure the weather is good so work will be easier.

Required Tools and Materials

Water sealant
Treated wood
Paper and pencil (for sketching purposes)

Step 1

Sketch a design for the bar. Make it as detailed as possible. Specify the dimensions of the bar. Aside from the height, weight and depth, note the sizes of the bar base and the bar top. Sketch the sides, front and top.

Tip: you can also download free diagrams of bars on the Internet. You can pattern your bar after it or use them as templates.

Step 2

Select the materials for the bar. This will depend on the bar’s theme you want to implement. It can be Jamaican, retro, beach etc. Bars are made from wood, but you can use other materials with it. For example, you can put the veneer top on the corrugated metal, granite, stone, concrete or plywood.

Step 3

Prepare the area. Clear the chosen spot of any debris. Popular spots are close to the patio or the pool. Before you begin to build a bar, make sure the ground is level. If needed, set down a concrete foundation. Make sure the concrete is level.

Step 4

Begin with the base. Cut the wood according to the dimensions you set down. If the bar will have roofing, cut the supporting columns now.

Step 5

Cut the side and front panels of the bar. Nail them to the supporting frame.

Step 6

Cut the top surface of the bar. Place it over the bar’s supporting frame. If there will be a roof, cut the wood and place it on the columns. If necessary, get someone to help you put it over the columns.

Step 7

Apply sealant to the bar. Follow the directions indicated on the package to apply it. Make sure you apply enough sealant. This is very important for outdoor bars because it will be exposed to the elements.


Adding a roof takes more work, but you won’t be bothered by the heat or glare of the sun. For ice cold drinks, you may want to install a fridge.

When you build a bar with a fridge, make sure to check where the power lines are. Test the electrical connections. If you are not sure how to install the wirings, get a qualified electrician to fix it for you.