How Much Does It Cost to Build a Garage?

Having a specific shed to house your car while not in use is very important to keep it safe from natural elements, among other things.

If your house did not come with a garage, you can build your own but you must be prepared to spend quite a hefty amount, depending on the size of the garage you are planning to build.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Garage?

The cost to build a garage actually depends on a number of factors: size, design and do-it-yourself or hiring a contractor.

To give you a rough estimate of the numbers you may be looking at when building a garage, check the list below.

– One-car garage with just the basic structure minus windows roughly costs about three thousand up to four thousand dollars; if you are looking at building it yourself.

– One-car garage built by a professional contractor may cost you anywhere from eight thousand four hundred up to ten thousand eight hundred dollars. This is your typical 240 sq. ft. garage, which roughly costs you about thirty-five to forty-five dollars/sq. ft.

– A two-car garage meanwhile may cost you anywhere from thirteen thousand and three hundred up to seventeen thousand and one hundred dollars. This is for a 380 sq. ft. garage.

– For a two-car garage plus a work and storage area and with the help of a contractor, you may be looking at spending approximately twenty-nine thousand up to thirty-eight thousand dollars. This is for an eight hundred up to eight hundred and fifty square foot garage.

– More elaborate designs and upgraded materials may cost even more. Thirteen thousand dollars for a one-car garage, twenty-one thousand dollars for a two-car garage and a whopping forty-seven thousand dollars for a really elaborate garage big enough for two cars plus plenty of room for your work are and storage.

Cutting Down Costs

To cut down the costs of building your garage, you may want to build it yourself with prefab or precut materials. You can find these in Do-It-Yourself sections of hardware stores.

For garage-building kits, you are looking at shelling out about five thousand up to fourteen thousand dollars depending on the size of the garage you are planning to build.

Building a garage, as illustrated above, is no cheap venture. However, with a bit of planning; you may still cut down your costs especially if there are recycled materials that you can use and if you opt to build it yourself as you can forego labor costs and professional fees.

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