How Do I Fix My Golf Swing

The following are suggestions for fixing your golf swing. After going through these tips, you should practice regularly. No matter how much you read, your game won’t improve unless you put in the hours.

Step 1

Note: reverse the hand positions if you’re left handed.

Hold the club with your left hand so your thumb is by the shaft. The line between the thumb and the index finger should be directed toward the right eye. Enfold your right hand over the left. Your left thumb should fit in the right palm’s cup.

Step 2

Set your knees so they are bent slightly inward. When fixing your golf swing, set your right foot straight ahead. The left foot should be a bit oriented to the left.

Step 3

Bring the elbows and the arms as close together as you can. Your stance should be that the right elbow is oriented to the right hip. The left elbow should be directed at the left hip. Check to make sure the stance is correct.

Step 4

Picture a flat plane from your shoulders to the ball. With respect to your backswing, try to move your hands so they are parallel to this imaginary plane. When making the backswing, start with your hands, then the arms and shoulders.

Step 5

When fixing your golf swing, start the downswing by rotating your hips toward the golf ball. Remember that any swing without using the hips will have no power. When the ball makes contact with the club, the left wrist bone needs to point at the ball.

Adjusting Your Stance

If you’re using a five iron, your stance needs to be a bit wide. Position your feet so they are about shoulder wide apart. As a rule, longer clubs will need a wider stance. For shorter clubs, the stance will be narrower.

Gripping and Hitting Suggestions

When hitting the ball, try to snap the wrists. This is one of the most effective ways of fixing your golf swing as it can keep the ball from slicing away. When holding the club, look at your grip. Make certain the left hand thumb is on top. Try not to grip the club too hard as it can affect the swing.

Tips for the Backswing

One of the most common mistakes is going for too much on the up. If it’s the case, make sure the shaft is over the shoulder at the top. It should not be above the head. Another frequent mistake is to turn the club clockwise to commence the backswing. Don’t; grip the club firmly.

Practice Makes Perfect

As stated earlier, this is the most vital aspect. You need to work on your swing for it to improve. Don’t feel frustrated; just focus on using the right techniques and your score will eventually reflect your improving skills.

Fixing your golf swing takes time, but that’s how the good players become great. There is no shortcut to success, but rest assured your swing will be much better when you practice.

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