Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood floor looks very good especially when maintained properly. It is shiny, elegant and durable, which are some of the many reasons why people love this type of flooring. However, regular mopping, sweeping and vacuuming are not enough to prevent damages and scratches. In order to fix these kinds of problems, it is good to know different things about hardwood floor repair.

Materials Needed

Several materials are needed to perform this moderately challenging task. For this, you must have a razor knife, a measuring tape and hardwood floor replacements. Aside from these items, bring in a circular saw, a chisel and two-part epoxy. Likewise, do not forget to prepare a hammer, a miter saw, a hammer, common nails and combination squares. Once you have these things, you can now proceed to the actual process of repairing the floor.


Before removing the old flooring, it is important to find replacements first. Determine the number and length of strips that need replacements. When removing a strip, be careful not to cause damage to the surrounding parts. Get the circular saw. From every side, cut approximately ½-inch. Never cut beyond the end joints. Cut the board a third time by connecting the top part of the first cut with the lowest part of the second one.

Remove the cut pieces using a sharp chisel. Clean the areas surrounding the repair. Get one piece of the damaged flooring and then ask dealers for the same kind of flooring. You can also ask for reliable products that can make the replacements stick well like a two-part epoxy or fast-drying glue. Be sure to cut the replacements in the same size as the parts to be replaced.

Use the razor knife to remove the protrusion at the bottom part of the grooved edge. Tap it with a hammer to remove the piece. Get the miter saw and then use it to bevel out the ends. For the groove side of the board, you can use a block plane. Before installing the replacement, dry fit it first. If you are sure, put some glue on the tongue of the board as well as on the groove. Because these special adhesives dry fast, it is important to work right away. Do the same thing to the other damaged parts.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

When cutting the board, never rush things so as not to cause damage to the surrounding areas. For glue that takes longer to dry, allow it to dry overnight before using the floor. Ensure that the room is well ventilated, especially when working with epoxy because it contains fumes that are bad for the health.

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