Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Before passers-by see your house, the first thing they will notice is you front yard. Even if you have a truly magnificent house, if your front yard is lacking in appeal, people could be turned off.

After all, if your front yard is unkempt, onlookers may have the impression that your interiors could very well be unkempt as well. Keeping this in mind, it is therefore essential that as you work on your interiors, so too, should you work on the exterior of your home.

Below are a few front yard landscaping ideas that you can check out to turn your front yard into an attractive yard that will draw positive attention to your home.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

1. Create a curb. Do not discount the beauty of a well-designed curb. Your curb will add an attractive appeal to your front yard, creating some sort of decorative boundary that will lead to your well-manicured yard.

2. Choose your plants. It is best to look at several plants that you can have in the garden so you can choose those that not only complement each other but also beautify your yard without going overboard.

You may want to consider plants that grow for each specific season of the year. This way, your garden will not be bare of blooms no matter what the season is.

3. Layering. It is ideal that you use layering techniques when planting your plants and flowers. This will give your yard a more organized look. Ideally, the tallest plants should be in the back section of your yard looking towards the northern side.

4. Caring for your plants. This is in conjunction with Step #2. When choosing your plants, select those that require minimal care or at least very simple care and maintenance methods so you won’t have a hard time keeping them lush and green all year round.

5. Install a water fixture. Any type of water fixture can instantly turn your garden into a more beautiful landscape. You don’t have to go with waterfalls right away. You may get a fountain that is very easy to install or build a small pond.

As you progress, you may then consider installing waterfalls if you wish to give your yard a more exotic, tropical appeal.

6. Hardscapes. As you work on your landscape, a good addition would be hardscapes – fences or walls that surround your yard. They will not only clearly define your yard but will also give you excellent structure during the winter season when your garden may be covered in snow.

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