DIY Headboard

So you want to spruce-up your bed with a new headboard. You can do so with your very own DIY headboard. You don’t have to be an expert interior designer or carpenter to create the perfect headboard for your bed.

Before you head off to the nearest home depot for a ready-made headboard – which can be rather costly – why not try out a few simple steps that will give you just the kind of headboard that you want?

Do-It-Yourself Headboard

Designing Existing Headboards

Fabric Cover

This is by far the easiest way to upgrade the look of your headboard. You can choose any type of fabric that you want, with whatever prints that you prefer and simply drape this over your headboard.

Secure the fabric with tacks or stapler from the back of the headboard so the tacks or the staple wires won’t show. You can even choose the same fabric as that of your bed sheets for a more uniformed look.

The best part is that you can keep changing the fabric covers as often as you want!

Decorated Plywood Headboard

On the other hand, if you don’t have your own headboard yet, you can go to your local hardware to get a sheet of plywood. Make sure that you have the exact measurements that will fit your bed.

You may look for pre-cut plywood or ask someone to cut the plywood down to size for you. Now this is the fun part. You can design your plywood headboard any way you want!

You can apply a coat of varnish for a simple look or you can paint it with the color of your choice. For a more personalized design, you can paint figures, shapes and images of your choice over the plywood.

If you are not very confident with your figure-painting skills, you can find stencils of various shapes and sizes that you can paint over for your “artsy” headboard.

Recycled Headboard

Do you have an old cabinet lying around? You can use its doors as your headboard. You can have the doors standing horizontally or vertically depending on the height and size of your bed.

You can start to design as you would on regular plywood, painting or varnishing based on your preference. For that kind of antique look, you may even want to keep the original look of the cabinet doors.

After you are done with your design, attach the cabinet doors together with the use of hinges and then place against the top of your bed.

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