Brick Foundation Repair

Brick Foundation Repair

Bricks make beautiful and highly durable foundations. They are cheaper and longer lasting compared to other construction materials. However, they can still have all types of problems. When these damages are left untouched, other problems may arise such as flooding and leaking. Be free from these kinds of problems by understanding the important aspects of brick foundation repair.

Materials Needed

For this particular task, you need certain items like sand, mortar mix and plastic tub. Aside from these materials, you also need a trowel, water and cement. In addition, prepare a screwdriver, a spray bottle and a putty knife. Lastly, do not forget to bring a wire brush.


Determine how many cracks you are about to fix. Mark each one of them and never leave out anything. Get the putty knife or screwdriver and then use it to pry out the cracked as well as the chipped mortar. Remove the loose pieces with the help of a wire brush. After that, wipe the area clean using a clean rag or used cloth.

Prepare the mortar and then mix it thoroughly. Get a large bucket and then mix one part of cement with two parts sand. Be sure to mix them well. After mixing, expect it to have a grayish color. Pour in some water into the mix. Place the dry ingredients on the sides of a bucket. Pour some water slowly at the center. Mix slowly. Constantly stir the mixture while slowly adding little amounts of water. Stop only when you achieve a consistency just like cake batter.

Evenly spray water on the part of the foundation you need to repair. This can help the mortar stick even more to the surface firmly. Get the trowel and then use its flat surface to remove excess mortar. Leave it to dry for at least 24 hours. After that, get the wire brush and then use it to remove dust, debris and other loose particles.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

For diagonal cracks, it is possible to use concrete to solve such problems. Simply apply the concrete right into the voids. After applying cement, try to remove the excess using the trowel. Allow the cracks to dry up for at least a day and then smooth out the surface using sandpaper or a wire brush.

Aside from the usual damages like cracks and leaks, the presence of moss, mildew and mold can also cause damage and discoloration. Be able to fix these things by combining 50 percent bleach and 50 percent water. Dip a stiff-bristled brush in the solution and then scrub moss, mildew and mold away from the foundation. The application of weed killer to the walls can eventually remove moss completely.