Trailer Side Boards

It is really not that difficult to build a basic trailer that you can use to haul all the stuff you want without having to spend a lot of money buying a commercially built up trailer. The first thing you’ll need is, of course, a base trailer upon which you will build a baseboard and trailer side boards to make an open top trailer. You will also need a couple of pieces of one-inch thick plywood. It is recommended to use marine plywood because these are weather proof and not susceptible to water damage. You will also need about 16 pieces of metal L brackets, several wood screws, regular metal and lock washers, nuts and bolts, trailer lights, wiring, electrical tape, a power drill, a hand saw and screwdriver.

Lay out your materials and tools so that you’ll know where to get them when you need them. Measure the dimension of the trailer and cut the plywood into the desired sizes for the baseboard and trailer side boards. Then, attach the baseboard to the trailer chassis using several nuts and bolts. Remember to sandwich a lock washer between the nut and regular metal washer to keep the baseboard tightly bolted on even while the trailer is in motion. After the baseboard is secured good and tight to the chassis, install the trailer side boards using the metal L brackets. One end of the bracket attaches to the sideboard and the other end is screwed on the baseboard to keep them from falling off. Remember that the sideboards should only be around 5 inches in height.

After attaching the trailer sideboards to the baseboard, you will now connect the sideboards to each other. To accomplish this, you will need to also use the metal L brackets. Screw one end to one sideboard and the other end of the bracket is screwed on the other sideboard. The metal L brackets secures the sideboard to each other and to the baseboard as well. Be sure that everything is good and tight before using the trailer, otherwise your stuff will fall off once the trailer is in motion. Every now and then, check the bolts and screws and tighten the parts accordingly. This may take up a little of your time, but it is certainly worth it and far cheaper than buying one.

Finally, you can add the lights so that other motorists cruising behind you can see the trailer. Just attach the wires to a generic wiring harness that plugs right up into your truck trailer light hook up when you are using the trailer. Leave enough slack to allow the trailer to turn without pulling out the wires. Other wise, you do the whole thing over again.

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