How to Repair the Xbox E74 Fault

One of the most popular video game consoles available in the commercial market, the Xbox is a product designed and manufactured by Microsoft Corp. to compete with other famous gaming consoles like the PlayStation and GameCube. Some of the special features of this device are the shared memory subsystem, DVD movie playback, and four USB ports. Like other gaming devices, there are some problems commonly experienced by consumers when using Xbox. One of these is the Xbox E74 fault. If you want to know how to repair the Xbox E74 fault, read on and follow the simple procedures discussed below.


To ensure that you will not cause any serious and permanent damage in the device, remove any game in the console before you plug it. Afterwards, connect the AV cord to the device and plug it. Turn the gaming console on. Check if the error still appears on the screen. If the error appears on the screen, remove the AV cord. Get three to four dry towels. Wrap the device with the towels for 30 to 45 minutes or until the overheating fan of the gaming console stops. Unwrap the device. Let the gaming console cool down for 20 minutes to half hour. As soon as the device is cool, you can attach the hard drive and put a game to check if the problem was resolved.

If the error still appears, then the problem is in the hard drive that you are using. To solve the problem, you need to bring the device to a service center and let the professionals repair the gaming console. If the hard drive is totally damaged, then you need to replace it with a new one. If the device is still under warranty, then you need to bring proofs that you own the device.

Avoiding the Error

If you want to maintain your Xbox and prevent the error from occurring, it is best that you avoid spraying condensed air onto CDs, drives and jacks. Do not insert damaged CDs in the gaming console. Clean the CDs before inserting in the device. To clean CDs, get a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the surface of CDs. If there are minor problems or errors with the device, then it is best to check the Internet and other resources on how to solve the issue. If you do not know how to resolve the problem, it is important that you seek assistance from professionals to avoid causing permanent damages.

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