How to Repair Massage Recliners

A massage recliner is an expensive device you can have at home that when it gets damaged, it will definitely becomes a concern. It is quite costly to repair a massage recliner and quite bulky to take it to an authorized service center. Here are some ideas that you can do to repair a massage recliner yourself in order to save some money.

Cause of the Damages

Here are some reasons why a massage recliner might get damaged. This device has a specific weight capacity that when a person weighing more than the massage recliner’s capacity sits upon it, the result would be a damaged recliner. Placing too much unnecessary materials upon it negligently or children jumping up and down on it will definitely damage the device.

There are instances that a massage recliner will experience failure of electrical circuit for various reasons. The wiring of the device was sliced by a sharp thing, the wires were bitten by a mouse, or due to misuse the remote is malfunctioning. Sometimes, the upholstery of the massage recliner was damaged due to tears and scratches cause by long fingernails or sharp things. Stains on the upholstery can also make the massage recliner look unattractive. Learn the ways to repair a massage recliner in order to lengthen the days of its service in your household.

How to Repair a Massage Recliner

It is definitely important that after you have procured a massage recliner, you must keep the entire receipt in order to avail of the warranty of the device in case it got damaged during the warranty period. By doing so you will really save money for the repairs.

But if the warranty period already expired and the massage recliner got damaged, then it is ideal to contact the dealer where you bought the device. The people there can instruct you which service center to go for the needed repair of the massage recliner. But the only downside is that you will definitely pay a high fee to these service centers for the needed repairs to be done. It would be nice if you can repair a massage recliner yourself if there are only minor damages.

Identify first what is the damaged area of the massage recliner so that you can go to the right shop for repairs instead of the service center. If a portion of the upholstery is damaged then an upholstery shop can help you with the problem. You can bring the massage recliner to an electrical shop for a damaged motor. For damages in the wooden support, a woodcraftsman can help you repair it and for steel support you can go to a machine shop for repairs. These local and small shops can definitely help you repair a massage recliner as well as save money because they ask for a cheaper service fee compared to service centers.

There are also instances that you can repair a massage recliner yourself depending on your expertise, resourcefulness, and creativity. If the damage in the upholstery can be repaired with some patches then patch the holes with something to save you from going to an upholstery shop. If the cause of the damage is only a stripped wire then if you have the right tools and some knowledge in basic electronics, then do the repair works on your own.

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