How to Repair Ipod

The ways to repair an IPod depends on the kind of damage involved. If your Gen4 IPod refuses to run, you can try the following.

Required Tools and Materials

Long nose pliers (optional)
T6 torx screw driver

Step 1

Make sure the device is on hold; there should be an orange light on the switch.

Step 2

First you have to open the case. Use a tool to keep the gap open. Put another tool on the side and pry it up. Move from side to side and up and down to remove the clips. Pry the cable up.

Step 3

Detach the plug connected to the headphone jack. This is at the logic board.

Step 4

Hold the hard drive and take the IDE cable off. Do not bend the pin. Take the HD out when the cable is removed.

Step 5

Flip up the latch holding the cable. Replace the cable if needed. The cable has to be replaced if there are holes or the tip has lost the brass color. Once you made the replacement, set the latch back.

Step 6

When studying how to repair an IPod, it may be necessary to examine the batteries. Use long nose pliers and pull the connector out. Take out the 2 T6 screws. Now you just have to lift up the battery. The
battery may be connected to an adhesive, so prying will be necessary.

Step 7

Put the wires below the logic board. Have the battery replaced if needed.

How to Fix Water Damaged IPods

Required Tools and Materials

Desk lamp

Step 1

Turn the IPod off.

Step 2

Place the IPod face down in a dry warm spot. You can place the device under the desk lamp or the dashboard of your car.

Step 3

If the device becomes hot to touch, take it away from the heat source. Keep the device off for 12 hours. Let the IPod dry.

Step 4

After 12 hours, shake the IPod. Check for any signs of moisture or water. If there is one, turn the IPod on.

Tips and Warnings

Do not set the IPod with the display side up under the lamp. It will damage the screen. 12 hours is the minimum amount of drying time. The longer you allow the IPod to dry, the better.

You can also try to repair an IPod by moving the hold switch back and forth. Press the center wheel and menu button until the Apple logo appears. This can fix some problems.

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