How to Repair Deep Scratches on Your Car

Deep scratches can make your car look bad, no matter how expensive it may be. It is good to bring it to an auto-repair shop. However, this can be a costly thing to do considering the amount of work involved. So why spend that kind of money if you can repair it at home. With the right information and appropriate materials available, anyone can easily learn how to repair deep scratches on your car.

Materials Needed

Fixing this kind of problem is moderately easy. However, you must first have a few materials to be able to do this job. Prepare an old newspaper, a paint spray and a piece of clean cloth. Additionally, you must also have a car determinant. Once you have these things, you can start with this particular task right away.


A deep scratch is very difficult to fix at home. However, you can make it less visible for others to see, especially if you are not to have it fixed yet. Clean the scratched area using a piece of cloth and car determinant. Be sure to remove all the dust and wax. After cleaning the surface of the scratch, get the newspaper and then cut it in a shape enough to cover the surrounding areas of the scratch.

Check the vehicle identification number of your vehicle. In that all-important document, you can find the exact color of the body paint that was used in your car. Painting the scratch with a wrong color can actually make your car look worse. After buying the right color of spray paint, use it slowly but surely. Spray the paint into the scratch using one motion only.

After covering the scratch with the right kind of paint, it will become less visible. Leave it untouched and allow the paint to dry completely for about 10 to 12 hours. Remove the newspaper.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Never use just any kind of paint. Be sure that the one you will buy is specifically designed for use in cars and other vehicles. Aside from this, remember to use only the same color of paint. Using something of the same color but with a different shade can only make your car look bad.

In case of super deep scratches, it is best to bring your car to an auto repair shop in order to achieve a more desirable result. As an alternative to newspaper, you can also use a plastic cover.

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