How To Repair A Leaded Glass Panel

If you’re not familiar with the methods for repairing leaded glass panel, the damage area might further deteriorate over time. Refer to this guide on how to fix it.

Required Tools and Materials

Cleaner (ammonia based)
Pieces of zinc
Stained glass tool set
Putty knife
Copper foil
Replacement glass
Sharp knife

Step 1

If the window frame is on 45 degree miters at the wood, the nails have to be taken out. You can use the putty knife to dismantle the fasteners. A sharp tap will be necessary to break it. Take out the wood from the frame.

Be careful you don’t actually break anything. Take out the panel. If the tempered glass is in place, you can replace the wood while getting the panel fixed.

Step 2

To begin repairing leaded glass panel, heat the solder joints. Take the pliers and shake the bar until the zinc is removed. To take out the glass pieces, get the sharp knife. Use this to take out the cement that is on the glass and the lead.

Step 3

When the cement has been removed, solder the joints. Now take out the lead from the glass. Next, cut some tape and put it on the sides of the broken glass. You’ll need this when you make a pattern. Remove the glass piece from the panel.

Step 4

To continue repairing leaded glass panel, use the glass piece you removed as the pattern for the new glass. Nail the panel on the pattern you created. This ensures the window will remain the appropriate size.

Step 5

Get the replacement glass and put it in place. Use the hammer and tap the glass to secure it. Fasten the outside lead in place using the nails. You need to be sure that the glass is in the pattern lines.

Step 6

Put some copper foil on the panel bottom. Put a piece of zinc onto the panel. Nail it. Again, be sure that the panel is within the pattern.

Step 7

Solder the joints on the bottom panel. Apply the cleaner if it appears too glossy. The last step to repairing leaded glass panel is to polish and wax it.

Tips and Warnings

When soldering the panel, you should avoid overheating. Just warm the lead so you can solder to it. You should be patient when working glass. Take utmost care when removing and installing the pieces. When taking out the glass spice, you may use gentle pressure; too much pressure may break it.

Avoid getting cut if you’re going to make the replacement glass. If you don’t feel comfortable handling glass, it’s better to get a qualified person to fix the problem. The time it takes to finish the job depends on the glass size to be repaired or replaced.

Repairing leaded glass panel isn’t easy but anyone who’s willing to persevere can do it. To prevent difficulties, you might consider studying the process before anything is damaged. This way you’ll be prepared in case the glass break

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