How to Maintain a Drum Set

Like every other instrument, drums are a lot of fun to play.Drum Set And like every other instrument out there, one needs to maintain a drum set in order to enjoy it longer. Maintaining your set is easy enough with as much dedication you can muster as to making music. Just remember to do it regularly in order to keep your set sounding great and looking new.

Preserve the Drumheads

One of the first concerns that you may have to maintain a drum set is preserving the drumheads. Once you are done playing and are ready to pack things up, don’t forget to detune the drums. Not only will this lengthen the drumheads’ life it also helps them maintain elasticity. You shouldn’t forget to do this especially if you live in locations that are more humid than others.

Changing Drumheads

No matter how hard you try to maintain a drum set there will always come a time when you will have to change your drumheads. When they get worn out then you really have to get replacements. A good way to keep track of how old your drum heads are is to write the date when you installed them on each side. Write in very small digits so the numbers aren’t that noticeable. This will help you figure out when to replace them other than gauging things by how they sound.

Cleaning Tips

To maintain a drum set one needs to clean it regularly on a periodic basis. You can use sandpaper to clean your drum set. However, if you’re unsure on how your hands can work sandpaper on your set, you can try the old water, soap, and brush. An old hairbrush will work just fine as long as it has thick bristles. Another good cleaning tip is to wipe your drum set clean before putting it away.

When you maintain a drum set, remember to wipe your cymbals clean before putting them back in the case. Keep the gunk off the cymbals while they’re stored for later use. Remember that the cymbal sleeves have a tendency to wear down so you better keep them fresh as much as possible.

You can use Windex to remove any surface dirt or grime off the cymbals. After which you can apply a cymbal polish of your choice. When you’re done cleaning your cymbals apply some cymbal polish. Apply more of this on both the scuffed and tarnished areas. Use up to a couple of applications for really tarnished spots. You can use Windex to remove any excess polish that may have gotten stuck. Apply car wax on them to keep fingerprints off.

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