How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want to maximize the space of your kitchen without affecting its design? Do you like to have utensils storage in your kitchen? Then to save money it is best if you learn how to install kitchen cabinets efficiently. Below are the steps that you can easily follow for this project.

Materials Needed

The materials needed for this project include a cordless drill, the kitchen cabinet, drill bits, a cordless screwdriver and wood screws. In addition to these, you should have a level, a stud finder, a measuring tape and shims.


To install wall cabinets, the first thing to do is to check if the package of the cabinet is complete. Check if it has the proper design, color and size. Afterwards, check the place where you will install the furnishing. Get a level, a pencil and the measuring tape. Mark the specific part of the wall where the furnishing will be installed. Allot space for the base cabinet, the splash as well as the countertop.

Mark on the wall where the furnishing’s bottom and the top will be. Locate the wall studs using the stud finder. Mark the studs above the cabinet and at least six inches at the bottom of the furnishing. To find the center of the studs, make a vertical line connecting the marks.

Make a rail that will provide temporary support for the furnishing. Align the top of the rail to the bottom of the furnishing. Screw the rail and the cabinet to the wall. Secure the cabinet with screws that have a length of two inches. Attach the cabinet on the wall. To secure the cabinet, you need to use clamps and screws.

To install the base cabinet, level the furnishing with the use of the shims. Align the top of the cabinet with the markings on the wall that you make before you install the wall cabinet. Use screws and clamps to secure the cabinet. You can add a fillet strip if the furnishing has a drawer and door. Drill screws through the furnishing’s back. Use a putty knife or a chisel to remove excess wood. To connect the base cabinet to the countertop, you should add wood pieces to the top of the cabinet.

Additional Tips and Other Important Information

If you want to remove baseboards, it is best if you look for a pry bar and use it carefully to discard the boards. Before you install the cabinets, remember to remove shelves, doors and drawers. Label the shelves, drawers and doors so you will not have a hard time installing these parts.

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