How to Fix Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death

There are several methods you can use to fix the Xbox 360 red ring of death (RROD). It is worth noting that the newer Xbox models do not seem to suffer from this problem.

Required Tools and Materials

T9 screwdriver

Step 1

Turn the 360 off and disconnect all the cords and cables. Allow the unit to rest for half an hour. When that time has elapsed, reconnect all the cables. Turn the 360 on.

If the RROD disappears, it was just case of overheating. To prevent a repeat, relocate the Xbox. Put it in a cool room with air conditioning or electric fan. If that doesn’t work, proceed to step 2.

Step 2

Check the warranty. If it is still in effect, take it to the repair shop. They will fix the product for free. Your product may also be eligible for a replacement. You can go to Microsoft’s website to find more info on how to get a replacement. Not all Xbox units are eligible for this.

Go to Microsoft or the official Xbox site. Go to the help and support section. Enter any info required. If you are eligible, Microsoft will send you a package with further instructions.

If your 360 is no longer under warranty, you can try the following method. Do not attempt this if the warranty is still in effect. Doing so will void the warranty.

Step 3

Turn off the 360 and disconnect all the cables and cords. Remove the hard drive.

Step 4

Unscrew the plastic casing. Remove the metal brackets on the360. Carefully take out the motherboard from the console. Remove any components that are connected to the motherboard. Using the T9, remove the X shaped brackets to fix the Xbox 360 red ring of death.

Step 5

Lift the brackets up. Stack three washers and restore the X brackets.

Step 6

Reassemble the 360. Reconnect all the cables and peripherals. Turn the 360 on.

Tips and Warnings

Note the order in which you remove the components. Unless you put the components in the proper order, the unit will not run. You should also check the cables.

If they are frayed, it will produce errors similar to the RROD. Replace them immediately. Do not allow dust or dirt to collect on the console. This will result in overheating.

When you are trying to fix the Xbox 360 red ring of death, you need to be careful when handling the components. When using the screwdriver, make sure it doesn’t scratch any components on the motherboard.

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