How to Fix Red Ring of Death on Xbox 360

This guide on how to fix the red ring of death on the Xbox 360 is for those consoles with the 3 light problem. An Xbox with 1, 2 or 4 lights indicate another problem.

Required Tools and Materials

Phillips and flat head screwdriver
Thermal compound remover
16 – 5mm flat metal washers
16 – #10 nylon washers
8 – m5 .8 pitch x 10 machine screws
Old credit card
Xbox 360 unlocking key (optional)
Small pin
Arctic Silver 5
Torx screwdriver T-9, T-10

Step 1

Unplug the console. Pull off the face plate.

Step 2

Press the button on the 360 to remove the hard drive. Pull the hard drive.

Step 3

Use the 360 opening key or the pin to push against the six tabs securing the air vent. Pull it off. Repeat this step to take out the bottom vent.

Step 4

Take off the Microsoft warranty seal. To learn how to fix the red ring of death on the Xbox 360, use the key prongs to push the openings. This will remove the Xbox lock and separate the Xbox halves.

Step 5

Lift the front tabs and take off the side of the 360. Use the T 10 and T 8 to remove the screws.

Step 6

Take off the eject button. Remove the Xbox’s other casing. Disconnect the two DVD cables on the motherboard. Pull out the DVD drive.

Step 7

Remove the plastic casing on the rear of the Xbox. Unplug and remove the fans.

Step 8

Remove the white plastic on the power button. Use the T 8 to unscrew the circuit board. Pull it out.

Step 9

Take the motherboard off the steel frame.

Step 10

Use the flat headed screwdriver to go under the X clamp corner. Twist and lift the screwdriver. Repeat on all corners until the clamps come off. Remove the heatsinks and remove the screws.

Step 11

Dip the Q tip in alcohol and put it on the three chips. Keep adding it until the chips shine. Put Arctic Silver on the chips using the credit card. Apply the coating evenly.

Step 12

Put the heatsinks back in place. If necessary, get someone to help you put it in.

Step 13

Put the motherboard on the steel frame. Put the circuit board in place. Do not screw them in yet. Plug in the AV and power up the Xbox.

Step 14

Wait until you see 3 and then 2 red lights appear. Turn it off. Remove the circuit board. Let it cool a bit. Take out the motherboard and flip it. Fasten it with the screws.

The final step to learn how to fix the red ring of death on the Xbox 360 is to reassemble it. It should now run fine.

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