How to Fix a Damaged Parquet Floors

While it is important to know how to clean Fix a Damaged Parquet Floorsparquet flooring, knowing how to fix it is just as essential. Being aware of how to repair parquet flooring will reduce the expenses since you?ll be able to do the repair job yourself.

Required Tools and Materials

Varnish or polyurethane
Masking tape
Wax sticks
Polyvinyl glue

Fixing Parquet Floor Damages

One of the most common problems is fading. If this happens, apply some masking tape around the affected part. Sand until it becomes smooth. Apply stain or varnishing. Fading happens due to wear and tear.

If the floor is missing a piece, get one of the pieces and take it to the home improvement store. Show them the piece so you can get the proper match. Make sure the color and size is the same. To repair parquet flooring, put polyvinyl glue on it. Put it on the flooring. Sand the piece and apply new finishing.

How to Clean Parquet Flooring

To remove dust and dirt, sweep the floor every day. You can also vacuum it. To get rid of more persistent grime, mop the floor every month. When mopping the floor, make sure the mop is lightly damp. Mop over the areas that are often used. To protect the flooring, put rugs on it.

The rugs should be placed on the spots people go through. Putting a rug on the kitchen floor will protect the floor there. Another reason for putting a rug is to avoid getting spills on the flooring. Let the rug absorb any spills.

Removing Spills and Other Dirt

To repair parquet flooring stained by food and drink, wipe it with a cloth or rag. If there are scuff marks, use a steel wool pad and a floor cleaner. Follow the instructions of your floor cleaner on how to use it.

Use the wax sticks to touch up the affected areas. Procure one that is the same color as your flooring and apply it on the floor. Brush off the excesses and polish it with a soft cloth.

Other Ways of Preserving the Flooring

Avoid walking on the floor when wearing high heels. This will scratch the surface. You also need to repair parquet flooring if the floor gets damaged by moving furniture.

Not only should you avoid moving furnishings across the floor but you should think of putting covers on its legs. This will lessen the pressure on the flooring.

Notes on Applying Polyurethane

The following is a general guide on how to apply polyurethane on the floor. Refer to the instructions on the package if using special floor finishing.

Sand the surface and remove the sanding dust. Mop and vacuum it. Wipe it off with a damp cloth. Put on the polyurethane. You can use a brush to put in the polyurethane. You?ll also need a lamb?s applicator to put on the polyurethane. Let it dry for 24 hours.

If you take care of the flooring, you won?t have to repair parquet flooring. Even if the need arises, the info above will make the process easy.

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