How to Build Dirt Jumps

The following guide will show you how to build dirt jumps. It really isn’t that complicated, and a single person can do the job.

Required Tools and Materials

Spade shovel
Metal rake
Water and spray hose
Tape measure
Five-gallon buckets
Large land lot
Flat shovel
Pen and paper

Step 1

Draw the dirt jump on paper. Remember that the higher the dirt jump is, the higher you can go.

Step 2

Search for an area where you can make the dirt jump. Majority of the time you will have to make your dirt jump fit with what land is available. Next, determine the route. The most ideal are those that go through trees. These will help keep the soil intact and give shade.

Step 3

Before you continue to learn how to build dirt jumps, decide on the height. Determine the distance required for the landing ramp and the take-off ramp. Make the takeoff ramp longer.

Step 4

For beginners, it is best to make a 4 foot high jump. Don’t make it shorter than that.

If you are just learning how to build a dirt jump, try to keep it simple. You can make more complex dirt jumps later on. Examine the area for portions where you can install a jump. Look for spots where you can make double or triple jumps.

Step 5

Get some dirt and stack them where the jumps are. Grab the dirt and smooth it if needed. Shape the jump into round forms. Or you can mold them into other shapes.

Step 6

Pack the dirt with your shovel. Ensure there are no twigs, rocks or flat areas.

Step 7

Spray some water on the jumps. Let them dry. The liquid ought to squeeze the dirt. This will pack them up some more. If needed, put more dirt in, pack it some more and sprinkle more water.

Step 8

Wet the dirt using a hose. This will transform the dirt to clay.
This will make the ramps stronger.

Tips and Warnings

Do not cut the trees; incorporate them into your plan. Tree cutting may not be allowed in the area. Furthermore, the trees will give you shading. When planning the course, keep the beginning point and pits between the jumps in mind.

When you learn how to build dirt jump, there should be sufficient pits between the ramps so you can keep the speed. Make sure also there is enough room so you can build up speed. You can make the landing area as wide as you like.

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