How to Build a Submarine

You don’t need millions of dollars to build a submarine. By the end of this project you will have your own ROV (remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Get the following materials ready.

Required Tools and Materials

Data recording devices
ROV control station
Depth-rated umbilical cord, power/control
Syntactic foam
4 electric thrusters
Waterproof screw-on pigtail connectors
LED lights (depth-rated)
Lexan camera housing (depth-rated)
Charged coupled device
Compensated junction boxes
SDE-S7 Siemens programmable logic controller
Grade 5 titanium tubing
Electron beam welder
Metal break
Plasma cutter

Step 1

Construct the control module unit with the grade 5 titanium. The stress proof is at 8 atmospheres. This can be translated to an LWD (lowest working depth) of 269,676 feet.

Step 2

Cut the sides and bottom of the control system enclosure with the plasma cutter. The top should be cut separately. Use the metal break to bend up the sides. Use the electron beam welder to fuse the control system enclosure corner seams. Screw the top. Use a water resistant gasket (20 atm rating).

Step 3

To build a submarine you have to create 2 skids (like sleigh runners) from the grade 5 titanium tubing. Fuse a couple of legs on the runners. Weld this to the enclosure module.

Step 4

Put the SDE-S7 Siemens PLC in the enclosure system. Use marine adhesive to keep it in place. Use the compensated junction boxes to install the electrical connections.

Among the connections will be one between the "pigtail" connector for the umbilical and the PLC. Make the connections for the camera, lighting and thruster.

Step 5

Put a charged coupled device (CCD), camera in the Lexan container. The housing should be rated for the depth you will use the submarine. Hook up the Lexan on the compensated junction box via a screw fitting.

Step 6

Install the LED lights on the enclosure sides. It should be pointed the same place as the CCD. Use the unction box to connect on the enclosure.

Step 7

The mountings for the four electric thrusters on the sides, bottom and top should now be welded. Install the thrusters. Use the junction boxes to make the proper connections.

Step 8

Put the syntactic foam on the top of the sub. Use the mounting system for this task.

Step 9

Hook up the umbilical on the pigtail connector.

The final step to build a submarine is to link the umbilical on the control station. You should also connect it to your data recording device. Put the submarine in the water and it should work properly.

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