How to Build a Still

You don’t need to pay someone to teach you how to build a still. With a few simple tools, you will be able to fashion one out yourself.

Required Tools and Materials

8 to 10 pound weight
Ice cubes, about 10 pounds
Drinking glass, 10 ounce size
Mixing bowl
Cooking pot
1/2 gallon of table wine
Cooking thermometer

Step 1

Start by assessing your equipment. Make sure the magnet is powerful. It must be strong enough that when set at the glass bottom, it will keep the glass in place in the middle of the cooking pot. Make sure the mixing bowl can be set on the cooking pot.

There must also be a seal between the cooking pot and the mixing bowl. Make sure also the glass is tall. This is necessary to keep the wine from getting inside when cooking starts. Finally, be certain the thermometer can measure temperatures past 212 F.

Step 2

Before you begin to build a still, wash all the equipment. When they are dry, put the drinking glass in the middle of the cooking pot. Set the magnet in place so the glass does not move when the cooking begins. Position the cooking pot on the burner or stove.

Step 3

Get the ingredients ready. Put the half gallon of wine in the pot. Be careful when you pour the wine. You do not want any wine to get into the glass.

Step 4

Put ice in the mixing bowl. Next, put the weight over the ice. Get the mixing bowl. Put it over the cooking pot. Make sure there is a tight seal. The tighter the seal, the more satisfying the results will be.

Step 5

Start cooking. Set the burner on to the high setting. Let the contents attain a temperature of 120 degrees F. Set the burner to low when this temperature has been attained.

Step 6

Now, very slowly let the temperature rise to 212 F. This temperature should be attained within 30 to 45 minutes. Once this temperature is reached, you can turn off the heat. The last step is to take the glass off the pot.

Tips and Warnings

You will get 3 ounces of alcohol for every half gallon of wine that is processed. Also keep in mind that the wine elements will dissipate at different times. The alcohol you want to get will evaporate around 173 degrees F. When it condenses it will trickle in the glass.

If you are studying how to build a still for the first time, the most important thing will be patience. The process will be much easier if you keep the workplace tidy.

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