How to Build a House Step By Step

So you’ve laid down the groundwork for your dream house; you have acquired a good property to build your house on, you have gotten all necessary permits and licenses; you have found contractors, workers, and all other professionals needed to complete your project; plus you have financial backing that will give you budget for your home.

Now comes the best and most exciting part: building your house!

To give you a rough overview of what entails building a house, see the following steps below.

How to Build a House Step By Step

1. Staking. This initial step requires you to place stakes around the lot to determine the exact location of your house. Place the stakes according to your design so you will know where the house will be facing once you begin construction.

2. Clearing the area. This step may take a couple of days depending on how much you need to do to clear the area such as relocating trees and plants. You will also need to free the area of debris and anything else that will get in the way of construction.

3. Digging. Once the area has been cleared, your next step is to dig footing based on your blueprint. This step also entails laying the plumbing drain lines and septic utilities.

4. Temporary utilities. For the sake of people who will be working on your house, you may need to get a temporary portable toilet. You also need a temporary electrical service.

5. Foundation. Next is laying down the foundation of your house. You will need a good mason for this job. The wall should be of the height that will prevent water from seeping through the house as you do a final grade of the soil and protect it from moisture from the soil.

6. Interior and exterior walls. With a slab, lay out both walls; framing the basement walls, 1st and 2nd floor walls as well as your flooring system. If it is a bungalow, now is the time to frame joists of your ceiling.

7. Exterior sidings and roofing. Sidings such as bricks or any siding material of your choice must be in place prior to doing your last exterior trim is installed. After which, you can install your chimney.

Once you have done your siding and installed your chimney, you can now lay your shingles for your roofing.

8. Utilities and insulation. By this time, you are ready to lay down all wirings for your utilities: electricity, plumbing, phone connection, cable TV and such. Once you have laid down all the necessary wirings, you may need to show these to the proper authorities for inspection to ensure that they are properly laid down.

After which, you are ready to install your insulation.

9. Interiors. From here, you can lay down your flooring material and work on the interior design of your home including moving in furniture and fixtures, installing toilets and sinks; plus decorating your home.

10. Move in. Once everything is in place, you are ready to move in!

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