How to Build a Gazebo

It’s hard to enjoy the beauty of your garden if it’s too hot or drizzling. Fortunately, you can build a gazebo and overcome this problem.

Required Tools and Materials

Chalk or tape measure
Pen and papers (for designing the gazebo)

Where to Put the Gazebo

Two things need to be considered; the view and the dimensions of the gazebo. Once you pick the best view in the garden, it’s time to conceptualize and design the structure.

Stand or sit in the chosen area. Use the tape measure or chalk to determine how large you want the gazebo to be. Note down these figures. Remove plants, flowers and any other ornaments that might get in the way.

Designing a Gazebo

If you want to build a gazebo that’s simple, the square shape will be sufficient. Others are hexagonal, octagonal etc. Look at various gazebo designs to get ideas. For this example, the shape will be square. Illustrate the basic design. You’ll be using this as reference so make it accurate.

Laying the Foundation

Make a hole at least 6 inches deep, taking out sod in the process. Toss in the concrete mix. Use the lumbers to make the posts. This can be any height you want. If it’s very high, you’ll need to make steps to get into the structure. Install the posts. Use a level to properly align the posts. Add some joist hangers or braces to the posts for extra strength.

Make the Deck

To build a gazebo floor, saw the lumber based on the measurements you made. Although you can make one large floor, it’s better to make several floor boards and line them side by side. Connect the floor boards with nails. Put them in position on the posts.

Create the Columns and Roof

After cutting and shaping the four columns, align each one with the posts. Nail the column to the floor. Prepare some joists and put them at the top of the columns. Add as many as you want and secure them tightly.

Note: the columns are four because the structure is square shape. If it’s rectangle, oval, etc. the number may be increased.
To build a gazebo roof, measure and cut as much wood necessary to cover the structure.

If the pieces are large, you may need assistance to put them on the columns. Double check to make sure the roof is secured to the gazebo firmly.

Tips and Warnings

The square shape is ideal for beginners; using other shapes can be difficult. Wearing eye goggles and gloves will keep your hands and eyes safe from splinters and blisters. As stated earlier, help may be needed if you’re making a spacious gazebo. Be careful you don’t stumble when putting the roof in place and securing it.

One may ask why build a gazebo when buying or hiring someone else is possible. That’s true; but the feeling you get from resting under a gazebo you made simply cannot compare with a pre-fabricated structure.

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