How to Build a Door

Knock, knock, knock! Can you imagine not hearing this sound in front of your house? Primary purpose of doors is for protection. It also stands as a barrier and is used for admitting light and ventilation. Doors can also project a first impression to the visitor coming to your house. How we design, paint and carve a piece of wood, can says a lot about us. Here are a few pointers on how to build a door.

Materials for Construction

When building a door, bear in mind what type of wood you would like to use. Durability and cost are things to consider. Popular types of wood used in making doors are birch and oak. Take note however that Luon wood is the least costly raw material out there. The ideal dimensions of front doors are 36 inches wide and an estimated height of six to eight inches. However, everything still depends on you regarding how large your front door will be. You get to decide how to build a door for your own house anyway.

Buy at least two sheets of wood that are a quarter of an inch thick or purchase wood good enough for the size of your desired door. You will need two side rails about a quarter inch smaller than your doorframe. So purchase minimally for four perfectly straight 1x4s that are seven feet high.

Actual Construction

The first step on how to build a door is to work on your frame. In forming the frame, we need to make the top and bottom rails. We also need the 2 middle rails. Connect the top and the bottom rails. Fasten the two middle rails using nails. Make sure that the top, bottom, and middle rails have a seven inch measurement shorter than the width of your door.

After forming the frame, cover it with your preferred type of wood. Cut the wood exactly the size of your door. Put it on the frame you just have made. Fasten it with nails. For lasting stability, use strong hold glue. Take note that it takes nearly an entire day before the glue sets. Use sand papers to polish the side rails and edges of your door.

You need to carve out the same amount of material the size of the hinges. Attach the hinges on the door and door frame. You’ll need at least three hinges for it to be good enough to hold the weight of your door. After you finish attaching the hinges, carve in a hole for our door knob. Follow the set up instructions and information that comes with the doorknobs. You can then paint or apply a finish to your door if you wish. Your creativity comes out when you build your own door. This is one project that can become quite satisfying for those who make it.

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