How to Build a Couch

With the following tools, you can learn how to build a couch quickly. While you can buy one, a homemade couch can be customized to meet your needs.

Required Tools and Materials

Staple gun and staples
String or twine
Tempered steel springs
Jute webbing
Decorative tacks
Metal tack strips
Kiln-dried maple
Dacron (optional)
Zigzag springs (optional)
Steel (optional)
Plastic (optional)

Step 1

Create the sofa frame. You can use laminated boards, kiln-dried maple, plastic or steel. When designing the frame, make sure it includes the legs, webbing bridges, crest and front rails. Make the frame with the back, arm tops and arm posts.

Step 2

To make the foundation for the back and front, weave jute webbing and tack it. Fasten it into place using tempered steel springs on the webbing. You can also utilize zigzag springs and secure them with a string.

Step 3

To learn how to build a couch properly, you must conceal the springs using the burlap. Edge roll the burlap over the couch edges. To do this, just roll the burlap end so the burlap layer is thick.

Step 4

Now is the time to install padding and foam. Chop up the padding and foam in the shape you prefer. Set them on the couch. Do not pad the seat portion if you are putting cushions.

Step 5

Place some Dacron or muslin on the padding. Use tacks to keep it in place. As you tighten the upholstery, the padding will get compressed.

Step 6

Upholster the couch. If needed, stitch the seams to conceal a particular spot. Put some extra padding so wrinkles will not be visible. Metal tack strips can be used to keep the upholstery steady. You can also put some decorative tacks on the upholstery exterior.

Step 7

Create some cushions for the couch. Do this by framing a portion of the foam with a couple of pads. Put a back zipper on the material so it can be accessed quickly. Cover the cushion.

Tips and Warnings

You will need some experience in stitching to put the whole thing together. You should figure out the couch dimensions early on. This will make it easy to determine how much material will be needed. Get more than is needed in case you make a mistake. 10% more than the required material should be enough.

Anyone who is learning how to build a couch should go over the instructions carefully. If you follow the guides, it won’t take long before the couch is finished.

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