Cellular Phone Repair

Because they have become indispensable in business and communications, knowing how to repair a cellphone can be considered an important skill. Below are some common cellphone problems and how to resolve them.

Removing Scratches from a Cellphone Screen

Required Tools and Materials

LCD scratch remover
Clean cloth


Put some of the LCD scratch remover on the cellphone screen. Use the clean cloth to spread the scratch remover on the screen. Apply firm pressure on the scratched screen for about 4 minutes. Repeat the process if the scratches are still there.

Removing Scratches on a Cellphone’s Body

Required Tools and Materials

Cotton balls
Polish cloth
Nail polish


To repair a cellphone with body scratches, begin by cleaning the unit itself. Look at the cellphone manual for specific instructions. If there are none, put alcohol on a cotton ball and clean the body. Use another cotton ball if the one you’re using gets dirty. For scratches, get nail polish with the same color as
your cellphone.

Put some of the nail polish on the affected area. Begin with the tiniest scratches (just to make sure the colors match). Let the polish dry before you start using the phone.

Choosing Nail Polish and LCD Cleaners

When looking for a nail polish, you should bring your cellphone with you. Today’s phones come in so many shades it’s easy to make a mistake. If you need to repair a cellphone screen, the LCD scratch remover you choose will make all the difference. Read some reviews or get recommendations from friends.

Fixing Other Cellphone Problems

If the phone gets soaked in water, take off the SIM card and the battery. This is critical as they contain your data. Even if the phone is busted, you’ll be able to access your data by putting the SIM card in another phone.

If the phone is wet, shake it to get rid of any trapped water. Next, get some paper towels or dry cloth and wipe the phone. Allow it to dry in a warm place. Put the battery in after a couple of days.

Tips and Warnings

Before you repair a cellphone, check if it’s still under warranty. If it is, use this to your advantage. You might also void the warranty if you try to fix the phone yourself. You should also read the user manual on the phone. Go over the troubleshooting guide to see if it can help.

Other problems are dropped calls and choppy signals. In most of these cases, it’s not really the phone but the signal itself. No matter what cellphone you use, there will almost always be a “dead spot” especially when you’re traveling.

To avoid problems with your phone, take care of it. Don’t bump it against walls nor spill liquid on it. Avoid using cheap chargers, adaptors, batteries etc. They may damage the phone.

The methods described here to help you repair a cellphone should work for most models. Just to be sure, read their manual for other proper maintenance tips.

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