How to Build an Airplane

This guide will show you an easy way to build an airplane. This can also help introduce kids to the principles of aerodynamics.

Required Tools and Materials

Paint/paintbrush (optional)
Utility knife
Balsa wood 1/4 inches thick

Step 1

Make a 12 x 12 rectangle on the balsa wood. Make the wing shape by rounding off the two corners.

Step 2

Make the tail upright by drawing a two inch square. Round off the two corners. Make the horizontal section of the tail by drawing 3 x 3 inch rectangle. Round the corners. Draw a 10 x 1 inch outline of the plane’s body.

Step 3

Build an airplane by cutting the balsa wood. Follow the outlines you just made. Sand the wings’ straight edge until it is half the curved edge’s width. Place the wings on the center of the airplane body’s top spine. Glue the pieces. Let it dry.

Step 4

Turn the plane upside down. Put some glue on the seams where the wings connect to the body.

Step 5

Turn the plane over. Put the horizontal tail piece center on the rear of the plane. Flush this to the end. Glue this. Put the vertical tail piece center on top of the horizontal one. Glue it.

Step 6

Paint the plane any color you like. Let the plane dry. Grab the plane at the midpoint of the fuselage. Pull your arm. Throw the plane forward just like a paper plane.

If the plane feels too light, add more glue. This will give it more weight. If the plane is too heavy, apply some sandpaper on the heavy spots. This will reduce the weight. Try flying the plane again. You may need to experiment a bit to get it right. Just be patient.

Tips and Warnings

You can strengthen the wings by applying a coat of glue on the sides. Apply the glue coat on the wing tips. Do not hurl the plane towards a person or animal. This is wood, not paper; it can hurt

when propelled at high speed. This may cause injury if it is aimed at the head. Make sure that you cut the airplane precisely according to the lines you drew. This is essential so the shape is consistent.

After you build an airplane using balsa wood, making other copies should be easy. You can draw different shapes so the plane will have different looks. Just remember to add glue to the seams

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